Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Cruel Never-Ending Cycle

Fact: In most countries in Africa, women work TWICE as hard as men do when they aren't even paid! Unfair? DUH!!!!! :P What's more, is that on average, they get paid 75% of what men get for the same work. Stinky!

Women are less likely to go to school because they have to stay home and do "women's work". So where does that land them (and their country) in the future? Poverty! Then, some of those who are lucky enough to have their education valued as much as a guy's, get married young and have to drop out in order to take care of the family/house. Gender inequality is a major problem in Africa. And where does this leave the economy? Stagnant, and unable to overcome poverty as easily. Furthermore, with eduacated parents, kids are better fed and taken care of.

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